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Scheme information

Scheme information
The RAD is committed to producing the best teachers in the world. Our CPD scheme will enable us to evidence that our teachers are at the forefront of dance education and training, and that they have the most up-to-date knowledge and skills. CPD also gives teachers the chance to take an active role in their career development and to pursue any personal interests they have.

How does the RAD Scheme work?

Teachers registered with the RAD will need to complete their CPD requirement each year in order to retain their Registered Teacher status. The CPD requirement must be completed within the CPD year, and teachers should be able to evidence that it is relevant to their dance teaching career.

Find out more about CPD requirements.



Throughout the CPD year, teachers should keep a record of all the CPD activities they take part in. This can be done by keeping a folder of all relevant documents and certificates. Teachers may be asked to provide this evidence, if they are selected as part of the annual audit.

At the end of CPD year, teachers will need to complete and return a CPD declaration form. 

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