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RAD Launches Project B

16 Jun 2017

RAD Launches Project B
Project B is a range of initiatives to widen access to dance for boys and to encourage them to take up ballet.
In celebration of our upcoming centenary in 2020, the RAD aims to bring dance to more people in more places and will be initially investing over £30,000 to further support male dance provision over the next three years. This will be ahead of further fundraising.


  • B: Active
    We are partnering with Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC) to develop a pilot scheme in primary schools to draw on  the strong connection between dance and sport  and challenge stereotypes of cricketers and dancers. Royal Ballet Principal Dancer and cricket enthusiast, Alexander Campbell, is the RAD’s Ambassador for the project.
  • B: Inspired
    In a bid to inspire boys who dare to dance, RAD Male Dance Ambassador, Iain Mackay, has created simple, fun choreography using masculine motifs. The choreography will be free to download via the smartphone app Seenit.
  • B: Involved
    We aim to reach boys at a grassroots level by providing more Boys Only! workshops and Boys Ballet Masterclasses throughout the UK and  additional bursaries and financial support, to ensure that a diverse range of boys have the chance to dance.
  • B: Engaged
    We recognise the importance of building capacity in the sector so part of our investment plans will be to provide financial support to male students enrolling on RAD dance teacher training programmes to increase the number of positive male role models.

Read the full press release .

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