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Project B's Day of Dance

24 Oct 2017

Boys from all over the world have been getting involved in Project B, and inspiring boys to dance worldwide

Project B is the RAD's collection of initiatives to inspire and celebrate boys who dance.

The project reached a major milestone on Saturday 21 October 2017, when over 50 boys took part in a 'flashmob' style performance in London's King's Cross Station, led by RAD Male Dance Ambassador and Birmingham Royal Ballet Principal Dancer Iain Mackay:

This was mirrored by the release of a global mass performance clip, featuring boys from all over the world who have been learning the Project B choreography since its launch in June 2017.

RAD is also pleased to announce:

Keep up with the buzz about Project B by following the hashtag #RADProjectB on Twitter and Facebook.

To make an enquiry about Project B, please contact .

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