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Important Changes to the CPD Scheme

23 Feb 2018

Important Changes to the CPD Scheme

The RAD’s CPD scheme is now in its fifth year and we are constantly reviewing it in consultation with members and staff to make sure that it works for our members.

One of the things members have been asking for is that we align the CPD year with the membership year. This will come into effect on 1 September 2018, meaning that the CPD year will no longer run from 1 July to 30 June, but from 1 September to 31 August.


Canadian members will continue to declare your CPD and renew your membership at the same time. This will make planning for the year ahead much simpler and you only have one key deadline to remember, 1 September.

During this transition period (for 2018 only) you will:

  • have an extra two months to complete your CPD - until 31 August 2018 instead of 30 June 2018, or
  • if you have already completed your CPD for 2017/18 and have booked courses in July and August, these will count towards the 2018/19 CPD year. 


You will also no longer need to apply for an exemption ahead of declaring. If you are eligible for an exemption, you can state this at renewal. Only members selected for the audit will be required to submit evidence.


When do I declare my CPD?
When you renew your membership in September.

How do I declare my CPD?
When you log in to renew your membership online you will be asked to declare your CPD or state you’re eligibility for exemption before paying for your membership. Alternatively, a member of the team will ask you to declare your CPD when you renew your membership over the phone or in writing. 

Can I still declare my CPD in June?
You won’t need to declare in June this year, we’ll ask you for this information when you renew your membership.

I’ve booked courses in July/August that I intended for the next CPD year – will these still count? 
Yes, during this transition period, and for 2018 only, we will honour your intentions and it will count towards the 2018/19 membership year.

I have already declared my CPD for 2017/18 will I need to again at renewal?
Yes, but this will be a very simple and quick process during renewal.

How do I apply for an exemption?
When you renew your membership you will have the option to state whether you are eligible for exemption. You will not need to provide evidence unless you’re selected for the audit. If you’ve already been granted an exemption for this year and you’re selected for the audit we will not ask you to provide evidence again.

I’ve already been granted exemption for this year, will I have to apply again when I renew my membership?
Yes, but this will be a very simple process at renewal and you will not need to provide evidence again.

My workshop transcript/certificate expires in June, will it still be valid for the 2017/18 CPD year?
Yes, this expiry date reflects the old CPD year, which ran from July to June. Any certificates expiring this June will still be valid for the 2017/18 CPD year.

How many hours of CPD do I need to complete?
All teachers must complete 20 hours of CPD in the year which runs from 1 September to 31 August.

I’ve recently graduated from a Faculty of Education course, do I need to complete any CPD?
No, but you will still have to declare. Your course counts as your CPD for the membership year in which you graduate. For example, if you graduate in June 2018 you don’t have to do any CPD until the membership year beginning September 2018. However, you will still need to declare that your CPD is complete when you join us as a teaching member.

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