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Benesh International

10 Jan 2018

Benesh International
With the retirement last year of long-term custodian of Benesh Movement Notation (BMN) at the RAD, Liz Cunliffe, Anna Trevien was appointed to take over the reins, and with this came a new name – Benesh International - visual identity and the opportunity to take stock and offer a new vision for the future.

Anna originally trained as a dancer and graduated from the Benesh Institute in 2001. Since then, she has worked with some of the world’s top ballet companies. Alongside her role at Benesh International, she also remains the Senior Benesh Notator for The Royal Ballet.

Her current thinking for Benesh involves three main strands around offering training, providing support for the BMN membership community, and investment in heritage and development: ‘In my view, the professional world needs the educational sector to survive, and the educational world needs a flourishing professional sector to aspire to. Also, to move forward into the future and further into the technological era, we desperately need to preserve the past in a more structured and universally accessible way. All these measures will create a renewed sense of self-esteem and community amongst Benesh Professionals.’

Find out more about the work of Benesh International.

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