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2017 Dance Challenge Winners Announced

10 May 2017

2017 Dance Challenge Winners Announced
The RAD Dance Challenge is a two-day training experience and competition in Canada for students up to age 18 that culminates in an adjudicated showcase of solo performances.

Congratulations to all of the participants in this year's RAD Dance Challenge, held in Toronto on May 8 at York University's Sandra Faire and Ivan Fecan Theatre, where 58 soloists competed for cash prizes, including the newly introduced Choreographic Award.

Thank you to the coaches, Katharine Garrett (Groups A&B), Lynnette Kelley (Groups C&D), the judge, Bengt Jörgen, pianists, Dmitry Zabrotsky and Valentina Gurovsky, the choreographers, teachers, as well as all those who attended and gave their support to all of the wonderful dancers.

Winners Announced!

Group A

1st Place: London Luyks
(Teachers: Elizabeth Ferenc, Laurie Westman / Choreography: Laurie Westman & Elizabeth Ferenc)

2nd Place:Jessika Mak
(Teacher: Juna Koo / Choreography: Jessica Tan)

3rd Place: Gia Mavrogiannis
(Teacher: Tara Roberts / Choreography: Tara Roberts)

Group B

1st Place: Sofia Benning
(Teacher: Xiao Han Yan / Choreography: Xiao Han Yan)

2nd Place: Emma Holwell
(Teacher: Adelaide Kesler / Choreography: Adelaide Kesler)

3rd Place: Ainsley Choy
(Teacher: Juna Koo / Choreography: Jessica Tan)

Choreographic Award - Groups A & B: Elizabeth Ferenc & Laurie Westman
(Dancer: London Luyks)

Group CD Final.jpg

Group C

1st Place: Kira Sofia Wilkerson
(Teacher: Johanna Hilchie / Choreography: Johanna Hilchie)

2nd Place: Sascha McEvoy
(Teachers: Carmen Cairns, Deborah Lundmark, Barbara Chonin / Choreography: Deborah Lundmark)

3rd Place: Alex Boyd-Smith
(Teacher: Johanna Hilchie / Choreography: Johanna Hilchie)

Group D

1st Place: Ashely Maia
(Teacher: Tara Roberts / Choreography: Tara Roberts)

2nd Place: Meredith Gaston
(Teacher: Tara Roberts / Choreography: Barbara Chonin)

3rd Place: Blythe Russell
(Teachers: Laurie Westman, Elizabeth Ferenc / Choreography: Blythe Russell)

Choreographic Award - Groups C & D: Lauren Luyks
(Teachers: Elizabeth Ferenc, Laurie Westman)

Photos: Silveredge Images Ltd

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