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RAD Life Members

RAD Life Members
As part of our commitment to our Life Members and in celebration of their wonderful achievements, staunch loyalty and successes, we take much pride in welcoming you to the Life Members' Area of the RAD website.

Our Life Members are listed alphabetically* by their last name, including their country of residence. A number have submitted profiles documenting significant experiences and highlights from their dance careers. These include stories ranging from the effect of World War II on dance, to the cherished Easter classes of the RAD Scholars.

Our Life Members have trained, travelled and trekked all over the world and you can view their profiles within Life Members Worldwide. Look out for our quarterly Featured Profile which will focus on one Life Member, highlighting their dance journey.

We hope you will enjoy this area of the RAD website as much as we enjoyed creating it.

Contact Us

Please let us know if any of your personal information changes, you have any suggestions, feedback or queries, or would like us to get in touch with a featured Life Member for you.

The Membership Team, Royal Academy of Dance, 36 Battersea Square, London, SW11 3RA, UK.

t: +44 207 326 8022 / 8038 / 8065
f: +44 207 924 3129

*some members have opted out of inclusion on the website.