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Dance Gazette

Dance Gazette
Dance Gazette is our highly-respected international dance publication produced to contribute to our mission to promote knowledge, understanding and practice of dance.

It is published three times a year (February, June and October) and is distributed to 13,000 members and friends internationally. It is now also available to non-members as a single issue and as a subscription which starts at only £10.50. 

If you are interested in advertising in Dance Gazette, please contact  or call +44 (0)20 7326 8952. 

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The new issue of Dance Gazette includes compelling stories of dancing against the odds. Becoming the best dancer you can be is always demanding – but is yet more challenging if you are in transition from the gender of your birth to the gender of your heart. We meet transgender ballet students who were thrown out of classes and struggled to find sympathetic ballet teachers.

Our other stories feature equally determined dancers: from Leroy Mokgatle, the charismatic gold medallist at Genée 2015 who was told he was too small to dream of success, to ballet students in war-torn Damascus who cross a conflict zone to reach class.


Transgender actors and activists have a new public profile – but what about dancers? How does ballet treat students in transition? 

Work with it or let me go
Meet Leroy Mokgatle, who wowed audiences and judges alike at Genée 2015.

Divine decadence 
Aubrey Beardsley’s sophisticated illustrations shocked and delighted Victorian Britain.

Girls aloud 
For too long, choreography has been a boys' club. Meet the women who are changing the rules and making their voices heard.

The wilderness within 
Take dance out into a harsh Nordic landscape, and something rich and strange emerges. We visit dance beneath the Northern Lights.

Amid the conflict and hardships of war-torn Syria, teachers and students still attend the Damascus Ballet School. We hear about their dedication to dance.

No pain, no gain: but does it have to be this way? Dancers, teachers and medical experts explore pain in the dancing mind and body.

What I’ve learned
John Neumeier: a master choreographer on cinema and Hiroshima.