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Canada's only Royal Academy of Dance international summer program.

Held in association with the Canadian Contemporary Dance Theatre (CCDT) each July; dancers from across Canada and around the world gather in Toronto to realize their artistic potential in a professional, interdisciplinary atmosphere. Repertoire and composition workshops, grounded in strong RAD ballet and Limón modern technique classes, equip dancers for a journey through the complete creative process. Professional performance training in ballet and modern repertory classes culminates in a vibrant Showcase at the end of the three-week intensive. 

Delight in this rare opportunity to experience world class instruction, with outstanding representatives of the RAD teaching tradition. Add in classes by leading dance artists from across North America, and you have summer dance to dream about.


RAD Canada awards a $1,000 scholarship to a student who demonstrates consistent dedication and hard work throughout SunDance, and is to be used at any RAD summer school worldwide the following year.

A $1,000 scholarship is also funded by the School of CCDT and awarded to a student to aid with the cost of training the following year. 


Available for visiting students who are 12+ years of age.

For information on SunDance 2019, visit: