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SunDance 2018

Toronto, ON

age 8+

Canada's only Royal Academy of Dance international summer program.

July 2 - July 20, 2018

In association with the Canadian Contemporary Dance Theatre, SunDance is the only RAD summer intensive in the world to combine RAD ballet and Limón modern.

Designed for dancers age 8 to 19, this three-week summer program in Toronto offers the complete dance experience!

Supervised accommodation is available for those 12 years+ 

New this Year!
All applicants are required to audition, in person or by video, for consideration to attend SunDance 2018.

Audition Dates

Dancers Ages 8-13
Sunday February 25, 2018
Ages 8-10 from
10 - 11:30 am
Ages 11-13 from
12 noon - 2
Fee: $30
Audition Prerequisite: a minimum of 1 year of ballet and/or modern dance training.
The audition will consist of one ballet class, one modern class, and improvisation. No solos required. 

Dancers Ages 14-18
Sunday, March 4, 2018
10 am - 1 pm
Fee: $30
Audition Prerequisite: a minimum of 3 years of ballet and/or modern dance training.
The audition will consist of one ballet class, one modern class, contemporary repertoire, and improvisation. No solos required.

Auditions will take place at:
Canadian Contemporary Dance Theatre
509 Parliament Street
Toronto, ON
M4X 1P3

Applicants unable to attend a live audition may submit a video audition by June 15, 2018. Video audition requirements and submission procedures will be announced shortly. Please check back for more information coming soon!

Accepted students must enrol in the full 3 week program. An option for ages 8-12 only is a 1-week introductory program, from July 2-6, 2018. Students will be placed in an appropriate program based on their audition. SunDance reserves the right to modify a student's program based on further assessments made on the first two days of classes.

For more information about SunDance 2018, click here


Program A - Advanced

Prerequisites: Minimum 3 years modern and/or RAD Gr. 8 / Intermediate or equivalent.

Classes: Students may select either classical ballet (pointe) & progressive ballet technical training or modern repertoire & composition.


Program B - Intermediate

Prerequisites: Minimum 2 years modern and/or RAD Gr. 7 / Intermediate Foundation or equivalent.

Classes: Ballet Technique & Spanish Character Repertoire, Modern Technique & Choreography, plus Jazz


Program C - Elementary

Prerequisites: Minimum 1 year modern and/or RAD Gr. 2 or equivalent. 

Classes: Ballet Technique & Character Repertoire, Modern Technique & Creative Improvisation, plus Jazz



Special International Guest Instructors to be Announced!