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Become an Affiliate Member

From RAD Grade 6 to Advanced Foundation (or Benesh equivalent), you can start your journey with RAD Affiliate membership.




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JobSearch International™ Vocational Graded Examinations** RAD Canada Library access
RAD Health Insurance Plan

*Dance Gazette, Focus on Exams, and Focus on Members are produced three times a year.
**From Advanced Foundation upwards.

Subscriptions will run until August 31, 2019.


You must meet one of the following requirements:

  • Have passed Grade 6, 7 or 8 RAD exams
  • Have passed Intermediate Foundation, Intermediate or Advanced Foundation exams 
  • Have been Awarded Elementary Solo (Reading) in Benesh Movement Notation, its equivalent or higher 
  • Be enrolled on the Benesh Institute CBMN or DPBMN programmes, or
  • Be enrolled on the Paris Conservatoire Benesh Course.


All RAD Members must adhere to the Code of Conduct

Further information

If you need further information, or have any questions, contact the Membership Team at , or call 416.489.2813, ext. 222 / toll-free: 1.888.709.0895.