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RAD bursaries, scholarships and competitions provide opportunities for young people to gain performance experience and to further their study and training.

The Dorothy Cox-Scruton Bursary was established in 2012 to commemorate the first Royal Academy of Dance member in Canada, Mrs. Dorothy Cox-Scruton. The annual award assists Certificate in Ballet Teaching Studies (CBTS) students pursue their dance teaching career aspirations while staying in Canada. 

With the generous support of Amexon Properties, successful Solo Seal candidates in Canada receive a $1,000 scholarship, which aides in the education of these aspiring dancers.

The Genée International Ballet Competition is the RAD's best-known and biggest competition. In 2010, we also created the Genée Dance Challenge in order to raise funds for the main competition.

As of 2015, there are two bursary schemes to which Canadian Genée candidates can apply. Each supports the cost of participating in the competition, a contribution towards travel costs and a contribution towards other costs related to competing:

The Phyllis Bedells Bursary is probably the most recognizable of our grants and we also award scholarships every year at our Summer School events, including SunDance - the Academy's only Canadian international summer intensive.

We are always looking to create more opportunities for young dancers around the world.

More information on bursaries and scholarships to follow.