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Examination Fee Schedule

Effective 1 September 2014 to 31 December 2015
(Candidate) Examination Fee for Members (Candidate) Examination Fee for Non-Members
Intermediate Foundation $145.00 Intermediate Foundation $145.00
Intermediate $160.00 Intermediate $160.00
Advanced Foundation $175.00 Advanced Foundation $310.00
Advanced 1 $180.00 Advanced 1 $315.00
Advanced 2 $190.00 Advanced 2 $325.00
Solo Seal* $350.00 Solo Seal* $485.00

*Due to the cost of arranging this examination, there must be a minimum number of candidates for the Solo Seal Awards Performance. Candidates must be prepared to travel to a Vocational Examination Centre. To request an entry form, contact vocational@radcanada.org

Candidates for Advanced Foundation, Advanced 1, Advanced 2 or Solo Seal Award must be fully paid-up members, or pay a non-member exam fee upon receipt of the entries.

Refund Policy

In the case of absence through sickness, a medical certificate and a written request for a refund of fees must be sent to the Royal Academy of Dance/Canada office by the end of the session. Fifty-percent of the fee will be refunded following the completion of the examination tour and will be payable to the school, or Teacher No 1 as instructed.

The candidate will forfeit any refund if the procedure is not followed.

Notification should not be given to the examiner.

A refund will not be made for a candidate who enters examinations at two levels and is unsuccessful at the lower level, thus rendering the higher result invalid.

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