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Fee Schedule

Successful applicants to the CBTS program will be required to secure placement by responding to the offer to join and submitting a Registration Fee (approximately $155). All registration fees are payable to the Royal Academy of Dance in London, England.

Although the CBTS is a two-year, part-time distance learning program, fees are set annually and are retained for the duration of the program.

The $11,000 program fee for entrants in 2014 includes:

  • Program Handbook
  • Module Study Guides
  • Tutoring
  • Mentoring
  • Intensive Study Period (excluding travel, accommodation, etc)
  • 3 Practical Teaching Supervisor visits
  • Assessments for each module (except re-sits or resubmissions)

Payment Details

The start program is in January of each year and the Program Fee can be paid in four equal installments, due before the start of each semester, as shown below:

1st Semester:
before 1 December 2013
3rd Semester:
before 1 December 2014
2nd Semester:
before 1 April 2014
4th Semester:
before 1 April 2015

Program materials will be released at the start of each Semester, only after fees have been received. All materials are the copyright of the Royal Academy of Dance.

Students are required to give five weeks notice of withdrawal in writing to the Program Leader prior to the published start date of the next module. Failure to do so will incur fees for the forthcoming Semester.

Additional Costs

The following list represents (but is not limited to) additional costs that students should be prepared for:

  • As a requirement of the program, you will be teaching children in the second year as part of the practical teaching assignment. It is necessary for the RAD to be assured that young people in your care are not at risk. You will need to follow the procedure in your own province in order to receive a Criminal Record Check. The processing fee will vary, depending on procedures in place for fingerprinting and the disclosure search at your local police station.
  • Purchase of syllabus materials.
  • The program includes a 10-day Intensive Study Period. This will take place in designated centres. Students will need to pay for travel to the centres, and to arrange and pay for accommodation.
  • Students will be required to wear comfortable clothing in which to perform during the Intensive Study Periods. If dancewear, books or stationary are required, students will need to purchase these for themselves.
  • Students will be required to make contact with lecturers/tutors for tutorial support by telephone, fax, email and/or post. This will incur associated costs.
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