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Why Choose a RAD Teacher

While ballet is fun, it is also physically demanding and parents should take great care to send their child to a professional, qualified teacher. That is why all studios listed in our directory employ, or are owned by RAD members, with current registered teacher status and who teach the RAD syllabi.

This is important because:

  • RAD teachers utilize carefully structured Academy syllabi, which is both fun and safe.
  • RAD teachers have the training and qualifications necessary to teach dance to young children and students.
  • RAD teachers continue training throughout their careers to ensure they are abreast of changes and have updated their skills and knowledge.

All qualified RAD teachers must graduate from one of our comprehensive teacher training programs in order to be included in our Register of Teachers. We monitor our teachers each step of the way, throughout their training and after they become registered, to ensure teaching standards are maintained. So before you send your child to ballet class, check first that the teacher is Registered* with the Royal Academy of Dance.

*Student Teachers enrolled on the Teaching Program prior to 2003 were required to enter candidates for exams as part of their studies and so your child’s teacher might identify herself as “enrolled on the TCP”. However, since 2004, the new Certificate in Ballet Teaching Studies does not have such a requirement, you should see the teacher’s qualifications at the studio in a framed certificate, or contact our office for verification.

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