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Membership Type Membership Rate
Early Bird Special!
Until 31-Aug-14
Life Member No annual fee
Friend of the Academy $73
Student Member $103
Full Member, Reduced Rate $103
Full Member $160
Registered Teaching Member $255
Inactive Registered Teaching Member $160
Retired Registered Teaching Member $103
Institutional Member: Non-RAD $99
Institutional Member: RAD $49
  • If you are a registered RAD teacher, you must hold Teaching Membership. This type of membership means that you are actively teaching and entering candidates for examinations or presentation classes. Conditions of Application: As a teaching member your subscription must be fully paid-up for you to: Enter candidates for Academy Examinations and Presentation Classes; Use the following Academy initials - ARAD, LRAD, FRAD, RAD RTS, where awarded; Have graduated from the Teaching Certificate Program (prior to 2003).
  • If you have passed either Advanced 1 or 2, or hold one of the following Academy qualifications - LRAD, BA (Hons) The Art and Teaching of Ballet; Dip. PDTC (RAD London); RAD Teaching Certificate; RAD Teaching Diploma; Advanced Teaching Diploma and The Benesh Institute's Advanced Certificate, you may apply for Full Membership. If Full Members, under the age of 18, are in full or part-time education they can reduce their subscription to the Reduced Full Member rate without proof. However, if over 18 years of age, applications for the reduced rate must be accompanied by proof of full-time student status.
  • If you have passed Grade 6, 7 or Grade 8 Award, Intermediate Foundation, Intermediate, or the Benesh Institute Elementary Certificate, you are eligible to apply for Student Membership.
  • Parents of students and lovers of classical ballet are encouraged to join the Royal Academy of Dance as a Friend of the Academy.
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