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Q. How do I enter candidates for the new Intermediate Foundation and Intermediate Examinations both at Approved Examination Centres and RAD Approved Venues?
A. Click here for a quick reference guide for the common questions that teacher's may have when entering candidates for the new Intermediate Foundation and Intermediate exams.

Q. Is membership required to do exams?

A. Not necessarily. All graded examinations are optional and do not even need to be taken consecutively. However, eligibility to become a Student Member is given to those completing the Grades 6, 7 or Grade 8 Award examinations. At the Vocational Graded levels, examinations must be taken consecutively, with a successful result, before moving on to the next level. And, eligibility for membership is offered at each level. However, there are two prices for every consecutive exam - one for members, and the other for non-members.

Q. Where can I purchase recommended exam wear?
A. With the approval of the Academy, Mondor Ltd. has developed a recommended line of dancewear for examinations in Canada, which is available across Canada at local dancewear retail stores. Bloch has a line of ballet slippers, which is also approved for examination wear.

Q. Do you have a Summer School Program?
A. Yes. Every July the Academy collaborates with the Canadian Children's Dance Theatre to offer the SunDance Summer School in Toronto, Ontario. This is a three-week intensive program, with equal emphasis on Classical Ballet and Limon Modern training.

Q. How do I become a member?
A. You are eligible for membership if you have successfully completed either of the following:

  • Grade 6, 7 or Grade 8 Award examinations.
  • Intermediate Foundation examination, or any of the higher level of examinations (Intermediate, Advanced Foundation, Advanced 1 or Advanced 2).

Q. Am I already a member?

  • If you have paid a membership fee as of 1st September of last year, and have received your current membership card by mail in October, you are a member.
  • If you have sent in your membership fee, but did not receive anything in reply, please contact our membership department, membership@radcanada.org
  • If you have successfully completed a Vocational Graded examination, but did not opt for membership at that time, you are also eligible for membership. Please contact the RAD/Canada office with your examination details (date, level, city, teacher).

Q. When should I renew my membership?
A. September 1st of each year is the renewal date for all memberships worldwide.

Q. Do you have any courses or classes?
A. Yes. We offer annual continuing professional development courses in the fall, spring and summer in most provinces, as well as pre-examination student classes prior to regularly scheduled exam sessions. Please click here to see what is offered in your area.

Q. What category of membership do I fall under?
A. Click here

Q. How do I obtain high school credit for my Royal Academy of Dance training?
A. In British Columbia and Ontario, there is a system in place with the Ministry of Education to recognize examination achievements at various levels. This recognition is still pending in the other provinces. Please contact the RAD/Canada office for more details.

Q. What happens if my child has entered for an examination, but cannot participate in it?
A. There is a refund policy for medical reasons provided by the Academy. For further information click here

Q. What is Benesh, and how can I use it?
A. Benesh Notation is a system of recording dance movements similar to music notes. The Benesh system is used by choreographers and dance teachers worldwide, and is also incorporated in all of the Academy's syllabus books. The Benesh Institute came under the auspices of the Royal Academy of Dance in 1997, and original choreographic scores are held in archives at the Academy headquarters library in London, England for use around the world. It is easy to learn, and the Academy offers short and long courses to promote its study. As well, there are distance-learning opportunities up to the degree level. For more information, contact info@radcanada.org

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